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  • Abby Hussein

Do you want to know what's keeping you stuck?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Confidence building

Ever felt stuck on something? You want to make changes, but somehow, it's just not happening, and you need to figure out why you can't make it happen. Well, it all has to do with—your belief system. Keep reading, and I will show you how to know your accurate belief system. Don't be fooled into thinking you already know it; that's just an illusion created to serve the beliefs blocking your way to success in love, career, business, and practically anything you dream of achieving but aren't.

How your mind works...the simple version.

We experience the world through our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and feeling. Our brain collects a vast amount of data constantly and, to sort through it all, has created a filtering system;

Creating Confidence
  • Memories - these are stored and accessed at will, and some of them are 'forgotten.'

  • Beliefs and values - your north star to creating your life

  • Experience - this is where your evidence bank.

  • Deletion - due to the enormous quantity of information we're constantly receiving, we'll naturally omit stuff that we deem unnecessary or irrelevant.

  • Distortion - well, it has been proven that we perceive things entirely differently, even when faced with the same situation. We tend to look at life from 'our point of view.

  • Generalisation - again, is it any wonder with the amount of data we're bombarded with?

  • Meta programs - your internal representation of your external reality.

The information we receive and how we internalise it leads to the formation of our thoughts, actions and behaviours, which are in turn powered by our beliefs and values.

The superpower of beliefs.

Let's look at religious fanatics, political fanatics, football fanatics, etc. The most powerful driving force behind their actions (both constructive and destructive) is an unshakeable belief in whatever their endeavour happens to be. Personal beliefs hold that same superpower to propel you forward to hold you back so tightly it's achingly constricting.

Break free from self-limiting beliefs in this simple 3 step plan.

  1. Identify - your self-belief will show up mostly in your self-talk - listen to what you say to yourself. Read more here

  2. Challenge - gather evidence to disprove the belief; it's all in your mind.

  3. Test - disproving your limiting belief will inadvertently create a more empowering one. (superpower charge) Please test it and gather more evidence to cement it as a self-serving belief.

Once you understand what controls your choices, you can take action to do something about it. Like this tip? I have so much more; book a free discovery session and break through all of those pesky barriers holding you back.

Let me know your thoughts. Did this help? What else would you like to know about?

With love always

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