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Creating Confidence 

In a constantly changing world, it can be challenging to adapt and thrive without sacrificing our well-being or what's important to us. As an experienced coach with a wealth of life experience, I can relate to your struggles and help you navigate obstacles and overcome self-sabotage.


My approach is designed to help you gain clarity on who you are and what you need to thrive. Together, we'll work on developing a better relationship with ourselves, learning to love and honour yourself in ways you may have only given to others. I aim to empower you to reclaim your power and use it to achieve freedom, balance, growth, and prosperity.


I've personally overcome many obstacles using a combination of coaching, NLP, and counselling techniques. Through my journey, I became a qualified professional and am passionate about helping you unlock the power within you.


With over a decade of coaching experience, I've learned from the best and gained invaluable skills and tools to help you achieve your goals faster. I've helped many others like you break through the obstacles that held them back and find their perfect flow, balancing their priorities and flourishing in all areas of life.


I'll guide you towards fulfilling your goals and ambitions by asking the right questions and teaching you valuable tools and techniques. Life is too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled, so let's work together to overcome the issues standing in the way of your pursuits.


If you're ready to make positive changes and learn better ways to handle your challenges, I'm here to help. Contact me today to start your journey towards a more balanced and healthy life.


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Coaching with Abby is like having a vitamin C shot; you get energy and motivation.  The difference is that it isn't short-lived like the shot. She teaches you the tools you need to live the life you want. If you're thinking about it, don't! Just do it!

MG - Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger

I decided to pursue coaching to gain insight and control over several issues. Abby was recommended to me, and I was immediately impressed with her attention to detail and empathy. We started with a Chakra reading, which was remarkably accurate and enabled me to see the seven elements of life from a different perspective. We then began coaching sessions, and Abby very soon gained my trust, and I felt able to discuss more sensitive considerations in confidence. After a few sessions, I had, in Abby's words, "Got one ball in the air", and this soon gave me the impetus to tackle more challenging obstacles - some of which were, I'm sure, mainly testing for coaching on - but Abby did so with grace and vigour - giving me the "supportive jolt" I needed to move forward. In particular, two areas I did not envision presenting for coaching were intuitively discussed and challenged through specific processes.

I have come through the coaching programme with far more than I initially thought possible. Of course, it is not a solution but rather a necessary opening to realising the possible options within my reach - some of which I did not feel I would make so much progress with before coaching. I am happy I did, and I look forward to stepping forward adventurously into the following challenges the future holds and the personal growth this will bring."

BE - Holistic Therapist

Coaching with Abby has helped me to realise my long and short-term goals. She is very supportive and has prompted me to ask myself questions about my goals and aims that I would never have thought to ask.  Sessions with Abby have made me look at my life and ambitions much more positively, and I look forward to continuing working with Abby to accomplish and work on more of my achieve my full potential

TR - Musician

I worked with Abby for six sessions, and she helped me with my goal of writing articles and a short story by keeping me motivated to do it. I have had several articles printed in the Mature Times, and although I didn’t win the prize for the short story, I found Abby’s encouragement enabled me to find the confidence to submit it.

RJ - Author

I have worked with Abby for several months now, and she is very encouraging and supports me to take responsibility for my actions.  Abby is very inspirational and has a naturally intuitive and empathetic personality that is very positive and helps me reach my goals and aspirations to become a holistic therapist and a professional life coach practitioner.  Abby gets me to look at my inner self and my intuition and assists me in discovering a style that will be very beneficial for those I will support.

BE - Wellbeing Practitioner

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