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A Journey to a Balanced Mindset in 6 Months


Are you tired of feeling stuck in unhealthy habits and routines that leave you feeling drained and unfulfilled? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to maintain balance in your life, between work, relationships, and personal wellbeing? It's time to break free from the cycle of self-sabotage and create a mindset that will allow you to live the life you truly desire.

As a mindset coach specialising in behavioural change, I've created a 6-month program designed to help you create and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With a focus on uncovering self-sabotaging behaviors and creating an empowering belief system, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to achieve your goals and stay motivated throughout the journey.

Through 15 1-on-1 online coaching sessions, unlimited email access, and tailor-made coaching designed to fit your personal desired outcomes, you'll gain the clarity and focus needed to create a clear plan for reaching your desired outcome. Using a fusion of Neurolinguistic Programming and coaching techniques, you'll learn how to shift your mindset, plan effectively, and stay motivated for the long haul.

Don't let another day pass by feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Join me on this journey to creating a mindset that will allow you to live your best life.

Month 1: Assessing Your Current Lifestyle

  • Identify current habits and behaviours that are not aligned with a healthy lifestyle

  • Evaluate your current state of physical and mental health

  • Establish a baseline for measuring progress throughout the program

Month 2: Setting Goals and Creating a Plan

  • Determine your personal health and wellness goals

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to achieve those goals

  • Explore potential obstacles and strategies for overcoming them

Month 3: Creating Healthy Habits

  • Learn about the importance of habit formation and how to create new habits

  • Implement daily routines and rituals to support a healthy lifestyle

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to support mental and emotional wellbeing

Month 4: Nutrition and Exercise

  • Develop a nutrition plan that supports your health and wellness goals

  • Establish a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle and preferences

  • Learn about the benefits of regular exercise and how to make it a sustainable habit

Month 5: Mindset Shifts and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Address limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and setbacks

  • Explore strategies for staying motivated and committed to your goals

Month 6: Sustainability and Long-Term Success

  • Review progress and celebrate successes

  • Develop strategies for maintaining healthy habits and preventing relapse

  • Create a plan for long-term success and continued personal growth

Throughout the program, you will receive:

  • 15 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions with me, Abby Hussein.

  • 2 focus calls for when you need that extra push

  • Unlimited email access between sessions

  • Tailor-made coaching for personal desired outcomes

  • Tools and techniques to get clear, plan, shift mindset, and stay motivated

  • A fusion of both Neurolinguistic Programming as well as coaching techniques

  • Uncover self-sabotaging behaviours and create an empowering self-belief system

  • Motivation and accountability partner

  • 20% discount on extra single sessions booked

At the end of the program, you will have a newfound sense of purpose and direction, a set of sustainable habits for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and the mindset and tools to continue growing and improving on your own.

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